Top 5 Symptoms Of Arthritis In The Knee

Arthritis of the knee is one of the most common causes of knee pain. The disease is commonly referred to as wear and tear of the cartilage lining of the knee joint. There are different types of knee arthritis though the most dominant of them all is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is mostly referred to as degenerative joint disease since it leads to continuous wearing away of the joint’s cartilages. When the cartilage wears away, the bones become exposed and rub against each other. It should also be noted that this disease does not have a permanent cure though there exists different ways to ease the symptoms.


Symptoms Of Knee Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis tend to be severe when the conditions deteriorate. The signs vary from person to person and also from age to age of the patient. However, it should be noted that the symptoms are more common in people who are obese. The following is a detailed outline of the top symptoms of knee arthritis.

#1.Chronic Pain

The pain begins at a very gradual pace but tends to be severe as the condition worsens. However the pain should be differentiated from an injury pain whereby the pain is sharp and dies away with time. Osteoarthritis pain has been found to worsen with time especially if the victim engages in strenuous activities such as climbing stairs, running and any other activity that requires frequent bending and stretching of the knee

It should also be known that the pain may sometimes affect only one side of the body and not necessarily both sides. Also, pain levels tend to fluctuate with time as well as the weather.


This is also another common symptom of arthritis that limits how much you straighten or bend the knees. The victims find it hard to move the knees and when they try to force it, it initiates severe pain. According to many patients, the stiffness occurs mostly after having a rest.

#3 Swelling

The swelling of the knee is one of the symptoms of arthritis in the knee. Sometimes the patient feels a burning sensation in the knees. The swelling keeps fluctuating and may cause pain and restricted movement. When the swelling becomes severe, it may cause a warm and red skin over the affected knee.

#4.Weakness and Instability

Arthritis weakens the knees to an extend that the patient cannot stand on their legs. It also leads to sensations such as locking, grating or popping in the knee. This leads to instability while in motion and may make a patient to limb sideways.


Tiredness in the knees is also very common in arthritic patients. Sometimes it deprives energy from the knee and makes the victim very weak with no energy at all. The fatigue may not be constant and may vary from time to time. However, it has been found that engaging in vigorous activities increases fatigue.

Arthritis of the knee mostly affects people aged 50 years and above. It is one of the chronic diseases that can only be controlled but cannot be cured. It is mostly associated with chronic pain, stiffness and swelling of the knees. If anyone notices the aforementioned symptoms, it is recommended to consult a medical doctor.

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